my First Garden


Hay everyone
Here I will tell you about my first garden. I started working on my garden 2 or last month or so. they are growing really fast
I have allot o Pumpkins
A lot of watermelons
some Daisy’s and sunflowers and allot of them. The Daisy and Sunflowers and mix flowers are slowing growing I am still watering them and and also watering my garden as well
It take time to make garden grow. It make seem like it for ever. All it take is water, sun, Patients and time as well.It also good to plant something to save the environment or earth and it also keep you happy that your doing something instead of sitting your but.
I thought It would post picture on here it will not show it.
I hope everyone will go out and plant something and make a garden
you can check out my photo on the garden on flckr pa

This slideshow requires JavaScript. Please enjoy the picture I will Keep you posted
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My Garden My First Pickle


I been gardening all of my life or 2 years it take water and sunlight and patient All you have to is follow the instruction on the back of packages. It depend on where your at or location in the USA Yestureday I found a Pickle in my Garden. Every time I see my Pickle I can’t get over the fact that is my Pickle off of my Garden. image

Ashley’s Creative Corner



You will need
1 coffee container top


Cut the Hole in the middle or center of the top


Put a flag on the stand


I love Art and Craffs I made a flag stand out of coffee container top here  is  what you need.
 1 coffee container top
Scissors or carving knife
Instructions : Get your coffe container top and wash it and dry it and get yout scissors or carving knife and make a hole in middle of the top and get your flag ans put it where the hole is and you have a table setting for Memorial Day,  Election Day, Veterans Day,  Patriot Day, Independence Day.

School Days


I been thinking about this today this is a true storyi even had  I  grow up in big family We had to do following. This is what I had to do.
I had to go to bed ever school night Monday through Friday. Ever morning I had wake up and eat breakfast and get ready for
school. I has different kind of class I had to go.  It is called Special Education. 
My mom and dad want  me to have some male teachers I always had some female teacher I really didn’t care. As long as they where nice to their students. I joined Special Olympics on which was fun.
And awesome opportunity  and awesome way to get fit and opportunities to do best I can be I even did road trip with other students which was sweet ride. I even been on the Honor Roll for 6 semester for the years I been going to school I graduated high school in 1994.
The End

Weather Channel


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Here is Weather Channel Widget

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